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From the slowly disappearing elegance of the Old Shanghai Street
(Li Long) section to the colonial French Concession; from local street delicacies to traditional Shanghai-style tailoring; from the Jewish community’s historical relics to the modernity of an expatriate compound—there is so much to cover, it all depends on your own interests and time availability! Each tour is accompanied by an explanation of local history and customs in order to further enhance the experience.

What We Offer

Walking Shanghai offers custom-designed tours of the city of Shanghai and it's surrounding areas. We cater mostly to English-speaking guests (individuals or small groups), from around the world. If you are planning on visiting this great city, please contact Ms. ye Zhou to see how we can help make your trip into a very memorable experience.

As the name suggests, most of the tours focus on walking throughout the city in order to fully experience the culture, history, and layout of the area. You will be treated to the tastes, smells, and sounds that the normal 'tourist' would never have a chance to discover.

Our Clients & Tours

This type of tour is perfect for the business person wanting to explore the city or the executive in town for a short while. Many of Walking Shanghai's clients are in Shanghai for the first time or have not had any time for leisure activities in the past.

This is a perfect opportunity to receive a personalized tour of things that interest you about the city. You can let Ms. Ye Zhou show you around the areas we think are most important, or you can specify your interests and she'll match the tour to your tastes. Being such a diverse city, any number of options are available: historical, architectural, art-deco, culinary—just to name a popular few.

Note that this is a tour-based service only—Walking Shanghai does not handle flights, hotels, or other such services.


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