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If you have any questions regarding Walking Shanghai's services, please contact Ms. Ye Zhou for more information. Some of the more common questions asked are addressed below.

What types/numbers of clients do you usually cater to?
Walking Shanghai caters to a wide variety of clients from around the world. Our typical customers include artists, professionals, corporate leaders, and government officials. Numbers range from individuals up to small groups up to a half-dozen people or so. Ms. Ye Zhou's tours are geared towards individual experiences, and as such, are best suited towards smaller groups.

How do you create a customized tour for me/my group?
Walking Shanghai takes various factors into consideration when planning custom tours for clients. Your length of stay, areas of interest, group size, and times available are all important in deciding what type of experience would be best suited to your schedule. Ms. Ye Zhou will create a custom schedule and verify it with the client before any monetary transactions take place.

How do we request a tour?
Either call or e-mail Ms. ye Zhou for more information. Make sure to send as much information as to when you will be in and around Shanghai, length of stay, and areas of interest so that she may better understand yours needs.


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