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Walking Shanghai prides itself on delivering a very enjoyable experience at a moderate price point. Due to the fact that all tours are different depending on several factors (time allotted, pricing, number of people, areas of interest, etc.), Ms. Ye Zhou requests that you contact her to see what type of package she can arrange for you. At this time she will give you a quote as to how much the entire trip will cost.

Standard Pricing
Walking Shangai's pricing is based on one English- and Chinese-speaking personal guide (Ms. Zhou Ye) accompanying small groups of no more than four persons.

  • Half-Day (no more than 2.5 hours): $250.00 US
  • Full Day (no more than 5 hours): $450.00 US
Deposit/Payment Terms
  • Reservations need to be made at least three weeks in advance of the date(s) you are requesting.
  • Payment can be made via online credit card payment (Paypal, etc.), money order or personal/business check. All money orders/checks must clear before payment is able to be verified. Please call or write for more info.

Quoted costs do not include additional charges that may be required for any food, additional transportation, souvenirs, etc.


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