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If you are looking for a unique Shanghai experience all your own, Walking Shanghai can the vessel for an unforgettable experience. Over the last decade or so Walking Shanghai's founder Ms. Ye Zhou has provided custom-designed, personally guided tours to those professionals, artists, executives, and corporate clients that have had a will to learn more about one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Let Walking Shanghai create the perfect tour to compliment your next visit.


The founder of Walking Shanghai Company, Ms. Ye Zhou, has always been fascinated about her hometown of Shanghai. Throughout her extensive travels throughout the world, she came to appreciate Shanghai for its many inherent qualities found nowhere else in the world. With a platform like Walking Shanghai, she wishes to share the hidden beauty of Shanghai with you on “The Road Less Traveled”.

Traveling through Shanghai off of the well-trodden path is a totally separate experience from what most visitors are treated to; through Walking Shanghai you can be assured a unique experience all your own—we guide you on a totally personalized tour of Shanghai with a local English-speaking guide who knows the history, culture, and geography of the region.

Remember, "You are not just a tourist!" No matter how long you’ll be visiting Shanghai, Walking Shanghai tours will definitely make you feel this way.


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